Cardo Scala Rider Q Solo Motorcycle Intercom Bluetooth Headset

by Scala Rider
  • Hands free phone calls with VOX, Voice control to answer mobile phone calls
  • HD audio with replaceable stereo speakers (3.5mm)
  • AGC, automatically adjusts speaker volume according to speed and ambient noise
  • GPS, receive navigation instructions from compatible GPS devices
  • Wireless stereo (A2DP) with compatible MP3 players

Introducing a great new companion to take with you on the open road, the scala rider Q-Solo is a Bluetooth headset that will quickly become your best friend. Brought to you by the pioneers of Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycle riders, the scala rider Q-Solo is the newest member of the award winning Q series from Cardo Systems, and is a unit that will deliver on its promise to "keep you connected and safe".

Providing you with rock solid communications device for motorcycle riders, this robust unit is both waterproof and dustproof and will keep you connected in all weather conditions - come rain or shine. Imagine yourself riding as you enjoy your favorite tunes streaming wirelessly from your smartphone or any compatible MP3 player, all supported by A2DP technology. How about chatting with friends or family on the phone while your engine is roaring down the highway? Maybe you prefer listening to GPS instructions to easily and safely get to your destination. The scala rider Q-Solo offers you all of these features in an elegantly designed product that is both aero-dynamic and discreet.

Including the truly essential features that every motorcycle rider simply must have, this unit is even equipped with voice-control to answer mobile phone calls hands-free. The battery life will keep you connected for a good 10 hours before any recharge is needed. Geared with everything you need for a perfect ride, you can hit the road today with a new scala rider Q-Solo and start enjoying real communications in motion the very next time you twist the throttle of your motorcycle.

Whats in the Box:

  • Cardo Scala Rider Q Solo control unit
  • Clamp mount with cable and hybrid boom microphone and detachable stereo speakers
  • Adhesive pad mount (as an alternative to the clamp mount)
  • Charger - with USB cable
  • Stereo connection cable (with jack plug)
  • 2 x hook-and-loop pads for securing the loudspeaker in the helmet
  • Hexagon key
  • Storage pouch for Bluetooth unit
  • Operating instructions

      Brand: Scala Rider


      EAN: 0828831841063